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Founded in 2020, TMJ Construction is a trustworthy company with strong family values. In fact, the name of the company is created from the initial of one of the children of each of the three owners: Tom, Malika and Jaden.

The owners, Cédric Lavigne, Benoit Desforges and Stéphane Cholette combine their experience in the construction industry and advanced technology fields. They are both young and energetic, on the one hand, and seasoned and reliable on the other.

The company already has more than 50 houses under its wing.

Thanks to state-of-the-art applications, you can follow in real time, and in detail, the progress of your future home’s construction.



Honesty — Respect — Quality — Devotion

Our team relies on unparalleled customer service, constant communication and transparency. Meet our members below.

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